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Coffee on the go

IF a delicious cup of coffee is part of your routine to kick off your morning or to perk up your afternoons at the office, in the home or wherever you are, here’s good news for you.

Photo by Raquel C. BagnolYou can have your coffee now without having to squeeze time and drive all the way to your favorite coffee shop but you can just pick up a couple of cold cans from any grocery and major retailers in the island.

Launched in the market last month by Foremost Group of Companies are two coffee flavors blended to perfection and ready to pick up and enjoy anytime —Foremost Blend Coffee, which is the standard coffee with cream and sugar, and Foremost Blend Mocha with a richer chocolate flavor.

For people who love coffee and who consider it more than just a drink but a pick-me-up everyday habit, this is your newest option. You don’t have to worry anymore about not being able to catch your favorite coffee hangout before it closes or wait until it opens.

Enjoy sip after delicious sip of Foremost Blend Coffee or Blend Mocha straight from the can, or pour it on a glass and top with ice cubes to get that lift coffee gives you.

Foremost Blend Coffee and Mocha flavors are available in 240 ml. cans and with a suggested retail price of $.99 per can.

Glen D. Hunter, group business manager for Foremost Foods Saipan, said a two for $1.50 promotion is ongoing at the Mobil Express in Garapan for the whole month. The promo may be extended, or until supplies last, Hunter said.

He said new flavors may be added soon to cater to the varied tastes and preferences of the coffee lovers on island.

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