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Barbequed, grilled and lovin’ it

FRIDAY nights at the Hyatt Regency just got better and juicier as Kili Café and Terrace expands their barbeque night offerings and teams up with Pacific Trading to serve you with all-you-can-drink favorite beverages.

Chef Alvin Dela Cruz who manned the barbeque station on Friday night convinced me and buddy Jeannette to try everything, which means filling our plates with the most delectable slices of beef spareribs, chicken thighs, pork, shrimp, Chamorro hotdogs, corn, and parrot fish slices — all hot from the grill, dripping with natural juices with irresistible aroma of the flavors wafting to tease our senses.

At the barbeque station, you can go for the ready-to-eat slices, or you can pick your choice and have the chef grill it for you. As you wait for your barbeque, you can make the trip to the salad and vegetable bar for the freshest greens you can find, and stop by for a taste of seafood on ice —shrimp and tuna sashimi with your favorite dips.

We were making short work of our barbeques, albeit getting frustrated poking into the tender meat of beef spareribs and parrot fish head barbeque with a fork and knife. Honestly I would have chosen to eat with my hands but I did not voice it out. As if sensing what we wanted to do, Hyatt food staffer Viola gave us an oshibori or a cold wet hand towel in a small bamboo stand and told us to “feel free and do what we wanted to do.”

That was when our real meal began, with the clean bones of my parrot fish and beef slices the only testimony to a barbeque feast minutes ago.

In addition to the barbeque delights, venture into hot entrees for the Marianas Barbeque nights and have your fill of sumptuous  dishes such as seafood stew, tomato and white wine, herb marinated baked chicken, buttered garden vegetables, roast potato garlic herbs, and Saipan red rice with green peas.

Leave some space for the hotel’s line of delectable desserts from this favorite section which boasts of their famous brownies, panna cotta, fruit cheesecake, apple jealousy, and ice cream. I gave in to a moment of temptation and indulged in two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a cone. Jeannette went for fruit slices and a slice of the hotel’s most popular blueberry cheesecake.

During Marianas Barbeque Nights, you can dine inside the Kili Café and enjoy the romantic setting, or go for the less formal setting in open air at the Terrace outside facing the gardens — whichever makes you comfortable.

The diners at the tables around us were getting into a really festive air with the free-flowing food and wine as we got up to leave. Marianas Barbeque on Fridays start from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For reservations or more information about the Marianas Barbeque on Fridays, call 234-1234 or email cath@hyattsaipan.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Barbequed, grilled and lovin’ it | out-to-eat.

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