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Delightful scoops from Big Dipper

IF there is one place on Saipan where adults and kids are not afraid or embarrassed to get dirty as they try to lick melting ice cream, it is at Big Dipper on Beach Road in Garapan.

This ice cream stop, which formerly occupied a small space in Garapan at the building now occupied by Sketchers, has become more popular as people flee from their homes to look for ways to quench their thirst during these hot summer days. But summer or not, I always find myself stopping by for a scoop of my favorite butter pecan or pistachio almond in a regular cone as often as I can.

The extreme heat on Saturday afternoon drew a lot of customers and all tables were full at the Big Dipper when I dropped by for a heavenly scoop of butter pecan ice cream on Saturday afternoon with a buddy who chose two scoops of chocolate.

We had to wait for a few minutes to be served but we didn’t mind at all. I had fun watching the kids in a losing battle against the melting ice cream cascading on the sides of their cones.

At Big Dipper, you can have your favorite ice cream in a crunchy waffle or sugar cone at $2.50 for a single scoop or $3.99 for a double scoop, or have it in a regular cone or cup for $1.99 for a single scoop, or $3.45 for a double scoop.

Drop by, find your favorite flavor and dig dip and indulge in the creamy softness of single-flavored ice cream including strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla or  go for those heavenly combination of favorites such as premium strawberry cheesecake, vanilla fudge, blueberry cheesecake, macadamia nut, cookies & cream, strawberry, rocky road, bubble gum, Kona coffee, chocolate, black cherry, mint chocolate chip, Maui Waui sherbet, or a scoop of Death by Chocolate, the ultimate choice for chocolate lovers.

Go all out and indulge in total bliss with an order of yummy banana split — three scoops of ice cream with one sauce and one topping for $5.99, or deluxe sundae consisting of two scoops of ice cream, one topping and one sauce for $3.75, or a brownie sundae.

Choose your own toppings and create your own sundae. For an additional 35 cents pour a handful of M&M’s, granola or coconut to your sundae, pour strawberry or chocolate sauces for an additional half a dollar more, or make it extra special with one whole banana for a dollar more.Photos by Raquel C. Bagnol

Cap your dessert with a selection of drinks including fresh brewed coffee, soft drinks and water for a dollar, or other cool ideas such as root beer float or milk shake for $3.75. Big Dipper is one establishment where you can never be satisfied. You come out licking your lips but craving to come back for more.

Make Big Dipper ice cream shop one of your destinations this summer. It is located on the ground floor of Saipan Gold Beach Hotel, and open from 12 noon to 9 p.m. every day. Major credit cards are accepted. For inquiries, call 234-9352.

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