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Refreshing stopover at Hangar Café

Did you know that while waiting for your flight out of Tinian, you can refresh yourself with delicious pre-flight snacks right inside the airport?

I’ve passed by the Hanger Café without checking what’s in there so many times in the past three years until last month, when businesswoman Susan Cruz invited me to check the place out.

Susan ordered chili French fries with mayo and catsup dip, cheeseburger with fresh tomatoes and lettuce from Tinian farms, and a fresh turkey subway sandwich with fresh vegetables.

Susan told us the Hangar Café sub sandwiches are made fresh daily, stuffed full of turkey/ham, cheese and fresh veggies, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go!

Buddy Ed and I just had a huge breakfast at the Tinian Dynasty before leaving for the airport and Susan said she was full so there was no way that we could finish everything. We just took dainty bites, regretting why we went there on a full stomach. We ended up taking the Hangar Café specialties back with us to Saipan.

The Hangar Café prides itself on serving the best-tasting cheeseburgers in the island at $3.50 each.

Fly over and try the Hangar Café’s pork lumpia (spring roll), taquitos, or the French fries, tuna or egg sandwich, pasta salad or chili cup with rice — all at $2.50 per order. You can also try out the hot pockets, deep dish mini pizza, and chili fries.

For $5, you can already feast on several selections including Panini sandwich with chips, special soba, Hangar burger with chips, and more.

Cheesecakes, a favorite of many from the Hangar is being shipped in from Guam regularly, but Cruz said lately the Hangar Café staffers are already serving home-baked assorted cakes, muffins and pastries.

The Hangar Café offers thirst-quenching beverages from juices, milk, tea, and beer in cans or bottles. Dig into the satisfying freshness of iced Mocha Sno-Cone for $2 each and glory in the various flavors such as blueberry, coconut, coffee, grape, pinacolada, raspberry, mango, watermelon and root beer.

For coffee lovers, the Hangar Café offers the House Coffee  which customers can avail of through self-service at the counter or the iced coffee.

Regular customers can even leave their own mugs at the shelf and use it to have coffee whenever they are at the airport.

While waiting for your order, or your flight, you can take time to browse through the attractive displays of souvenir items such as hand-made jewelry, Tinian pepper, and other local creations.

The next time you’re on Tinian, don’t miss stopping by the Hangar Café and get yourself some refreshments. The café is open from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. or until the last flight Monday to Saturday and sometimes on Sunday when there are special flights coming in. The Hangar Café only accepts cash for now. For inquiries and reservations, call 286-1730. (This article was originally published HERE)

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