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Templa: Chamolinian mix, island-style fine dining

TEMPLA, Saipan’s authentic Indian Restaurant, offers a whole new world of fine dining.

Located on Middle Road near IT&E, the restaurant, formerly the Taste of India,  now under new management has a bar, a buffet section, wider dining area and an outdoor lounge.

The Taj Mahal decorations on the walls were replaced with colorful paintings depicting the different islands in the CNMI painted by local artist Anthony Teregeyo, but the aura is still Indian.

Restaurant manager Jodie Rankin said  they want to extend the message that Templa is “Saipan’s Indian restaurant with a local twist.”

“We know how much you love Indian food, and this means Indian food lovers can still have their fill of popular Indian favorites such as chicken curry, na’an bread, fish curry and other items, while enjoying local favorites at the same time,” Rankin said.

Feast and delight in your favorite sukiyaki, kadon pika, bistek, grilled fish, and more authentic local favorites.

Rankin said they vary the dishes they serve for the lunch buffet every day. Dinner is a la carte.

I and two out-to-eat buddies checked out Templa’s special lunch buffet during its grand opening on Friday. The tables were filled as excited diners got a fill of their choices from the fusion of Indian and local cuisine. Available from the lunch buffet were a selection of steamed or fried rice, fried or curried chicken, fried fish or curried fish, delectable seafood, sashimi, vegetable dishes, salads, and more.

Priced at $5.99 for a serving of rice, one choice of dish and refillable iced tea, diners can enjoy more food by adding only $1 per additional choice from the buffet section. This buffet scheme can surely fit anyone’s budget, Templa owner Alex Thomas said.

“We know the economy is hard but we want our diners to still enjoy affordable local food,” Thomas said.

Customers who want to enjoy the roadside view and inhale fresh air can take their meals at the outdoor lounge tables.

Not hungry? You can just while time away with friends or bond with family members over your favorite drink or watch the latest movies from the huge LCD screens mounted on the walls.

As an added bonus, diners can also avail of free internet services right inside the restaurant.

“We invite everyone to come and check out our delicious special lunch and dinner every day and experience a whole new world of island fine dining,” Thomas said.

Lunchtime starts from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and dinner opens from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Rankin said they may extend bar hours soon. Major credit cards are accepted. For reservations, call 234-8448.

Templa: Chamolinian mix, island-style fine dining | out-to-eat.

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