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Dynasty Court: A taste of authentic Cantonese cuisine

DYNASTY Court-Chinese Cuisine at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino offers the only first class Chinese dining experience  in the commonwealth.

braised sea cucumber with assorted seafood

Dynasty Hotel & Casino general manager Tom Liu invited me and a buddy recently to one of the VIP rooms named after the different Chinese dynasties for a dinner which he said defined  real, traditional and authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Among the restaurant’s most popular dishes are deep fried spareribs with garlic, piled temptingly on a platter no one could resist — crispy yet tender and with the flavors blending right into the meat.

We also ordered other favorites: sweet and sour pork, and stir-fry scallops with broccoli. We also tried shrimp dumplings as well as dimsum with egg yolk and milk.

Under the supervision of restaurant manager Feng Sun, the wait staff at Dynasty Court served us the ceremonial hot tea in tiny teacups, which they quickly refilled each time we emptied them.

I got the chance to sample the restaurant’s famous lemon chicken during a second visit on New Year’s Eve with a friend and casino promotions and marketing manager Chell Funtanar, who recommended it.

The Dynasty Court menu has a dazzling array of dishes: fresh seafood, sumptuous dimsum treats prepared by the hotel’s expert chefs, and more specialties that you don’t ordinarily see in other Chinese restaurants anywhere in the CNMI.

shrimp dim sum

Grab the chance to sample  braised sea cucumber with assorted seafood, roasted duckling, deep fried crab in spicy salt, baked fresh scallops with taro, shark’s fin and braised bird’s nest with crab meat, sweetened bird’s nest with coconut cream, abalone, fish maw and sea cucumber.

Enter  a world of culinary delights as you take a bite of the roasted pork Macau style, roasted duckling with plum sauce, barbecued pork, poached or marinated chicken, baked chicken in rock salt, marinated pork knuckles with jellyfish, assorted seafood soup, and more.

Four uniquely decorated VIP or private rooms named after the different dynasties are available for private meetings and can seat from six to 12 people each.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 persons. The Dynasty Court is located in the hotel lobby and is open every night from 6 to 10 p.m. except Wednesday and Sunday. All major credit cards are accepted. For reservations, call 328-2233 extension 40.

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