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Authentic Japanese dining at Sagano Restaurant

DINING at Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino’s restaurants has always been a satisfying experience, but last month was a totally different culinary treat for me and a buddy.

Tinian Dynasty general manager Tom Liu invited us to join him at Sagano Restaurant which has been offering authentic Japanese cuisine  since the hotel started operations in 1998.

The sushi bar located near the entrance beckons to any hungry diner with its selections of  fresh  fish. You can order a sashimi platter and get a taste of everything, or order individual dishes and choose only what you want.

At Sagano Restaurant, you get to choose where to sit and order from the sushi bar, teppanyaki or in the main dining area, wherever you feel comfortable.

We entered the huge dining area with tables set for a long leisurely meal. Sagano Restaurant has four VIP rooms named after the four seasons in the Japanese language — Haru, Natsu, Aki, and Fuyu. Each VIP room can accommodate from 10 to 12 persons, a perfect venue for private meetings and conferences.

We opted to sit at the teppanyaki section and browsed through the three different menus. We started off with a platter of the freshest sashimi you can find on island.

Liu said Sagano is one of those rare restaurants where you see photos of raw meat on the menu.

“When meat has been grilled and cooked, it’s hard to tell the difference because they all look the same but our menus display raw meat so you get to see what choice cuts you are ordering,” Liu said.

I always go for well-done steak but Liu convinced me to try it medium rare. I thought I wouldn’t like it but for the first time I got to taste real delicious steak with flavors that blended into every bite I took. I finished my steak and would have wanted some more, but we had more dishes to try.

Chef Mack Matangay performed magic tricks as he grilled our steaks and vegetables, a routine he performs for guests, especially children.

You can try the dinner bento box or shokado, a traditional meal offering a variety of delicacies, or the tempura yuzen dinner set, a platter of appetizers, steamed egg custard, sashimi, assorted tempura, boiled vegetable with prawns and served with steamed rice, miso soup, pickles and fruits, the unagi yuzen or a platter of sashimi, steamed egg custard, and grilled eel, and more.

When visiting Tinian, make your stay complete by trying the sumptuous dishes awaiting you at Sagano Restaurant prepared by experienced chefs under restaurant manager Bin Liu.

The a la carte dinner at Sagano Restaurant is from 6 to 10 p.m. every night except Tuesday and Thursday. All major credit cards are accepted. For reservations call 328-2233 extension 41, or fax 328-1133.

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