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Dinner by the poolside

A FEW diners occupied the tables outside the just-opened Restaurant Five-O at the Chalan Kanoa Beach Hotel when we walked in on Friday evening. We headed straight to an outdoor table and a smiling food staffer immediately headed our way with pink sheets of laminated menus.

The restaurant serves a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian cuisines, but other international dishes are also available. I decided to try the Hawaiian Chicken Basket for $9.95 while my buddy ordered the seafood pasta for $10.95.

A cheerful food staffer wearing a Hawaiian-inspired attire served us soup, salad and glasses of cold water with lemon

while waiting for our order. It took some time but it was their first day of operation and diners kept coming in.

Torches at the sides of the restaurant and the salty breeze from the sea added to the comfortable ambiance. A singer performed Hawaiian songs that kept the night alive without intruding into the relaxing atmosphere.

My Hawaiian Chicken Basket was served in a small basket — six pieces of deep fried chicken, marinated in grated garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. It was served with slices of crispy fried and flavored potatoes. My buddy’s seafood pasta was served on a huge platter — a heavenly dish of pasta in tomato basil, sautéed in garlic and sprinkled with shrimp, fish and fresh herbs, and a couple of slices of garlic bread.

Restaurant & Bar Five-O’s breakfast menu includes pancakes, fresh fruits, omelets, and Hawaiian coffee.

The lunch and dinner menu offers extensive selections of popular local meals such as the fisherman’s meal consisting of the catch of the day — steamed with mushroom or oyster sauce —  pork afritada which is an assortment of pork meat and intestines served with rice and coco, kadun pika or boneless chicken thighs with hot pepper, beef tinaktak, which is beef with fresh coconut milk and served with rice and coco, or the Chamorro beef steak cooked in atchoti with vinegar.

You can also try the main dishes: grilled pork chops, spicy shrimp, krazy combo plate, Hawaiian loco moco, and seafood hot plate.

Filipino favorites such as fish soup or sinigang (tamarind-based stew) using the freshest catch of the day with assorted local vegetables; crispy pata which is deep fried pork, hocks that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside; and pinakbet or sautéed pork, shrimp, local vegetables with salted shrimp.

You can go for the restaurant’s special dishes like a mouthwatering steak served on a hot plate with soup, salad, rice or baked potatoes.

Check out the pasta and noodle choices, or the assorted sandwiches.  The restaurant serves a wide selection of beverages including soda, beer, juices, wines, tropical drinks, hot drinks, cocktail drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails and liquors.

Restaurant & Bar Five-O is your ideal destination to have a leisurely meal, a get-together, a party, an intimate conversation, or just to while the time away.

Restaurant Five-O is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. All major credit cards are welcome. For reservations, call 236-8400 or 7829.

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