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Enjoying Flambé at the Saipan World Resort

SAIPAN’s World Resort customers are in for a special treat as its new chef introduces a very tasty, visually appealing and addictive dessert called flambé.

Lick your lips as executive chef Louis Ryu whips up a fresh batch of flambé using the island’s local apple banana  or locally known as tundan as the main ingredient.

I watched in mouth-watering anticipation as Ryu carried a flat, glass tray filled with the sweet concoction and lay it on the table. Using a strainer, he scattered white icing flour all over the tray to create a more dramatic effect before he glazed the whole creation with flaming brandy from a small flask.

Flambé is a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames.

Ryu said they choose flavored brandy to glaze the dessert, but the flames take away the alcohol content and leaves only the flavor to blend with the flambé.

Dip your spoon into the perfectly glazed blend of banana, strawberry slices, ice cream, orange strips, anise, olives, and syrup from fresh oranges and you know you’ll be back for more.

It is said that the igniting of food can be traced back to the Moors in the 14th century but in 1895, a waiter who accidentally set fire to a pan of crepes he was preparing for the future Edward VII of the United Kingdom found that the fire changed the flavor of the sauce. Flambéing became popular only in the 19th century.

Visit the Saipan World Resort’s restaurants in Susupe for a taste of the best flambé. You’ll be back for more.  For more information, call 234-5900 extension 559.

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