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Kazan Tei: Your Chinese cuisine option

IF you have been on island for some time, then you know that finding another place to eat out past midnight besides the three known 24-hour fast food places is almost next to impossible. Garapan was almost deserted hen we ventured out very late on Thursday evening scouting

for a place to eat. We drove around the side streets several times before remembering this restaurant located across from the Fiesta Resort & Spa. Sure enough, they were still open but the restaurant was deserted. An eager wait staffer stationed outside the restaurant ushered us in and handed out menus. I ordered the boiled, ho

t spicy fish and a serving of rice, and delighted in taking photos of the graceful movements of several goldfish in the huge aquarium next to our table as I waited for my order. My out-to-eat buddies ordered pork chops and gave in to the recommendation of the wait staffer for their $9 fried rice which she said was enough for three of us.

The pork chops were served after a few minutes, along with a medium plate of fried rice which in reality was not enough for one hungry person so my buddies ordered an additional serving of steamed rice but they cleared up their plates in world record time.

Pork chops

My order came some time later — boiled, hot and spicy slices of fish swimming in oily soup on a bed of steamed kangkong. Language barrier is another issue and I had to call the wait staffer twice to serve my rice but in fairness, my fish was delicious, albeit super spicy that I had to sip cold water several times and fan my tongue.

The prices at Kazan Tei may be a bit steep and the servings may be designed for people on a diet and leave you wanting for more, but the food is good.

Kazan Tei is your other option to go to when the craving for Chinese food hits you at past midnight or in the early morning hours.

Check out Kazan Tei’s selection of appetizers from $3 to $20 such as jelly fish with soy sauce, sliced Chinese roast pork, soya pork hocks, hot sour cucumber, Chinese salted black egg, vegetable pickles garlic taste and more.

For seafood lovers, Kazan Tei offers stewed superior abalone prepared in various delectable ways, fresh steamed fish, fried fish sweet and sour, or spicy sour sauce with shrimps, fried or baked lobster crabs, oyster with ginger and onion, sautéed fried squid, spicy shrimps, and other choices from $12 to $55. Explore the variety of pork, chicken and beef dishes, rice and noodle dishes from $6 to $10 or the hot pot choices from $9 to $30
If you are not into meat, you can pick out any of the vegetable dishes from $7 to $10. Dimsum is also available at Kazan Tei Restaurant. Choose from steamed, fried or boiled meat dumpling, spring rolls, frying fried cake, almond jelly or tapioca and ice cream.

Cap your meals with beverages like soft drinks, iced teas and fruit juices are $3, beer at $4 or choose from a selection of liquors. You can also have your fill of Chinese hot tea at $1 per person.

Kazan Tei is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch, and from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. for dinner. Major credit cards are accepted. For reservations, call 233-4139.

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