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Grilled feast at Myung Dong Restaurant

IT was dinner prepared right on our table — a meal where we got to feast on the mouthwatering aromas wafting from the grill as the thin strips of beef, vegetables and onions slowly turned golden brown.

We were at Myung Dong Korean Restaurant in Garapan at past 9 p.m. on Thursday and we had the whole place to ourselves.

I was not that hungry (or so I thought) and looked for something light but the food staff convinced me to try the Bulgogi Korean style barbecued beef for $15. The food staff brought a stove to our table with a pan of marinated beef strips.

My buddies ordered the boneless beef ribs set. As we were the only customers, the staffers got busy and pampered us, doing the grilling and slicing of our food for us.

We munched on the usual side dishes which were served to us as we waited for our dinner to be cooked.

Eating in a restaurant where the food was being prepared on your table took away the mystery of how your dinner came to be, and it was hard to control ourselves from spearing the meat from the grill straight to our mouths.

Halfway into our dinner, the restaurant’s assistant manager came out and prepared another dish for us at our table — this time lean beef strips with noodles. She then served the food and let us enjoy the rest of our dinner. With the generous servings, we were not able to finish our food.

For drinks, we had some beer and the iced tea that most Korean restaurants on island serve.

The spacious restaurant can accommodate up to 150 people at a time, with tables ready for grilling food, regular tables, a tatami section which is continuous with the main dining room and VIP rooms which diners can use for private conferences and meetings.

Drop by Myung Dong restaurant and try grilling your own dinner from the meat dishes menu such as the pan-broiled beef ribs, marinated beef ribs, grilled beef sirloin or pork spareribs, spicy braised short ribs ranging from $15 to $20.

Not in the mood for grilled foods? You can try any of the main dishes such as Korean cold noodle soup, dolsot bibimbap or rice sizzling stone pot, grilled fish set, soybean paste stew set, spicy beef soup set, and more. The main dishes are within the $8 to $15 price range.

From the ala carte menu, you can go for seafood like lobster, mangrove crabs, spicy stir-fried squid, acorn jelly salad, sashimi, Korean beef kelaguen, glazed pig’s feet, and other delicious dishes.

Orders come with soup, rice, and side dishes. Choose from the wide selection of drinks and beverages including beer, hot or cold sake, Schochu, wines, whisky, soft drinks, fruit juices and ice tea to cap your dinner at Myung Dong.

Myung Dong Korean Restaurant is located on the second floor of Relax Massage across from Fiesta Resort & Spa in Garapan. They are open for dinner from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day, but they are planning to resume serving lunch soon. Major credit cards are accepted. For reservations or more information, call 233-3355.


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