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Café & Bar Feel Saipan: A new Garapan hangout

THE first time we dropped by at this newly opened restaurant across from the Paris Croissant at the Paseo De Marianas in Garapan, it was not yet open for dinner. We could not wait so we scouted for another place to eat but we vowed to come back.

So finally I found the chance to check out Café & Bar Feel Saipan for a quick lunch with my out-to-eat buddies last week.

Without the luxury of time, I immediately settled for the $8 teriyaki chicken while my buddies went for the Café & Bar Feel Saipan signature bento and fried fish Chamorro style.

My teriyaki chicken was served with a flavor-rich sauce that made me want for more. My buddy’s bento box included a serving of rice, crisply fried, breaded shrimp, salad, soup and other side dishes.

Available for lunch and dinner are sashimi, pork or beef ginger, fried chicken, katsu- or chicken-don, hamburger steak, Angus beef steak, Yakiniku or short ribs, ramen, and yakisoba. Except for the beef steak which is priced at $16, all other dishes on the menu fall within the $6-$10 budget range.

All lunch and dinner orders come with a serving of rice, Miso soup and vegetable salad.

Café & Bar Feel Saipan has limited choices for lunch and dinner, but the place is perfect for a long, leisurely meal or a quick stopover, or to while away hours over cold bottles of beer, glasses of cocktail or other beverages.

Assorted appetizers such as vegetable stick, Caesar salad, Hawaiian Pokki, Chamorro style chips and dips, grilled Chamorro sausage, French fries and more range from $3 to $12.

You can also try any of the mouthwatering choices from the BBQ Loco Style which includes coleslaw Saipan style, chicken kelaguen, mushrooms with butter, pork chop with ginger sauce, Angus Beef with wasabi sauce, yakisoba or rice Bali, grilled vegetables, and the dessert of the day.

At Café & Bar Feel Saipan, you can choose to eat or drink in total comfort at the plush sofa sets at one corner of the restaurant, at the bar, or at the regular tables. If you want to really feel Saipan without the confines of walls, you can settle at any of the tables outside the front entrance, or at the balcony tables at the back.

Café & Bar Feel Saipan has a pleasant fusion of native and modern décor— with the digital frames and large TV monitors on the walls giving a cool contrast to the native placemats, lampshades, bar stools and other knick-knacks.

Café & Bar Feel Saipan opens for lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. Happy hour is from  4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday, but dinner is still served until 10 p.m.

This month, Café & Bar Feel Saipan is offering a special promo of $15 per person from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. which covers three drinks of beer or soft drinks, a plate of chicken kelaguen and salad.

They also offer a 90-minute open bar where for $18 per person, you can have your fill of beer, Shochu or soft drinks.

For more information, call 233-5233. (This article was first published HERE)

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