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Hot and spicy lunch by the seaside

beef in hot iron platter

THE first thing that registered on our faces when the food staff of Seaside Restaurant on Beach Road placed our orders on the table was disbelief. We were shocked at the huge plates and generous servings that we knew at first glance we would never finish them all, no matter how hungry we were.

It was past 1 p.m. and it took some time for our order to be served. The restaurant was like an eat-and-run establishment where as soon as tables were cleared, another group of tourists would come in.

Choosing from over a hundred dishes on the menu was not easy. My first choice was fried fish with chili pepper on hot plate but I changed my mind when the food staffer told me one fish would be almost two pounds. My next option was fish fillet in chili sauce for $8.

My buddies ordered the $7 deep fried squid with mustard sauce from the Chef Special Offer, beef in hot iron platter for $8, and sautéed beef with vegetables for $8.

The beef in hot iron platter came first, the mouth-watering aroma assailing our nostrils when the food staffer lifted the stainless lid up, the sizzling sound teasing our palates.

My fish fillet was tolerably spicy. It came in a huge bowl topped with sliced onions and pepper bits. My buddy’s sautéed beef was spicier and more on the salty side.

The deep fried squid was not deep-fried at all but it was still good.

We dug into our orders and were soon whistling and fanning our mouths. When  Chinese chefs say it is spicy, better believe them and be prepared to cry.

If you plan to eat at the Saipan Seaside Restaurant, make sure that you are very hungry, otherwise you would go out of the restaurant with take-home packs like us.

Saipan Seaside Restaurant’s wide range of selections include appetizers and roasted food, Chef Special Offer, fried rice specials, homemade noodles, pork, chicken, bean curd or tofu, beef, vegetables, soups, pot, and hot platter. Seafood dishes include lobster and prawns, fish, and crabs. Cap your meal with desserts and drinks, all at very affordable prices.

Saipan Seaside Restaurant with its orange and yellow painted facade is one of the favorite dining places for most tourists from Korea and China. Its wide and airy interior, spacious parking, and huge glass windows overlooking the  sea add to its attractions. 

Saipan Seaside Restaurant opens for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and dinner from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day. All major credit cards are accepted. For reservations, call 235-1033. This article was first published HERE

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