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Cozy lunchtime at Moomin Mura Restaurant

OUR search for a place to eat on Saturday noon took me and my out-to-eat buddies to this quaint restaurant located at the back of DFS Galleria in Garapan which had been on our list for sometime.

It was almost 2 p.m. and we knew from past experiences that time was running out. Most of the restaurants close at 2 or 2:30 p.m. for lunch.

From the outside, Moomin Mura Restaurant looks like a private place you would hesitate to come in but once you push open the wooden doors, you will be engulfed by the warmth and cozy ambiance of the place.

The cool exterior is a pleasant relief from the sweltering heat outside. We headed toward one of the wooden tables for four and an attentive food staffer immediately handed us menus.

I was hungry and did not take long to order Yakiniku beef bento box for $6. My buddies ordered Bibimbap mix vegetables, and beef soup with rice.

Our orders were served after a very short wait, with side dishes and hot soup.

Moomin Mura Restaurant has generous servings, more than enough if you are not that hungry but we cleaned our plates in world record time.

The $6 lunch sets include choices of  hot soup with tofu, fried pork & Kimchee bento box, Japanese pan cake with cabbage, Korean hot soup with rice, Ramen noodles in soup with rice, and yakisoba or fried n

Beef soup

oodles with rice.

Other lunch sets are pork ginger set, beef tongue set, hot pepper soup set, pork cutlet, ramen and assorted mix vegetables with rice, and fried chicken set.

They also serve various ramen dishes from $6 to $10.

Moomin Mura Restaurant serves a more extensive dinner menu which fuses Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Beef and pork Yakiniku dishes are available from $7 to $25. Okonomiyaki dishes or those savory pancakes with your choice of green onions, Kimchee, soba, or Udon from $8 to $15. They also serve yakisoba from $8 to $1


2, Korean cold or spicy noodles, rice prepared in a variety of ways, teppan-Yaki, salads, side dishes and a special course for $22 per person which includes ass

orted appetizer, tofu nabe, Korean pancakes, Yakiniku, fresh Korean vegetables, green salad, bibimbap and soup, and ice cream for dessert.

Cap your lunch or dinner with any of the beverages, or spend leisurely hours to while the time away over bottles or cans of beer, sho-chu, sake, red or white wine, whiskey or soda.

Moomin Mura Restaurant can seat up to 80 individuals and has VIP sections for private groups. This is an ideal destination if the craving for Japanese or Korean cuisine hits you, at pocket-friendly prices, too.

The restaurant opens from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch, and from 5:30 to 9 p.m. for dinner every day. Major credit cards are accepted. For reservations or inquiries, call 233-5097. (This article was first published HERE)

Yakiniku beef bento box
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