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Destination for curry lovers

Kadun Picca

WE always pass by this restaurant in Garapan across from Esther’s Fashion shop but its name held us back for so many times: Hot Curry Bar & Restaurant.

I and my out to eat buddies eat curry dishes from time to time but none of us were that crazy about curry. Curiosity whether everything the restaurant served was curry or not got the best of us when we passed by again on Saturday night.

Walking up to the menu stand beside the door, we were pleasantly surprised to find that curry dishes occupied only a portion of one page of the menu. All the rest were either Chinese or Chamorro dishes as well as other island favorites.

A cheerful staff member named Alice invited us in and recommended dishes we should try. She, however failed to entice us to try the restaurant’s curry dishes which she says is “Japanese curry.”

Through Alice, we learned that the marriage of the Chinese and Japanese owners brought together a mix of delectable dishes from both countries, and they added in more local dishes to suit the palates of not only tourists but locals, too.

fried local fish with finadene sauce

I settled for the Kadun Picca, or the Chamorro version of chicken adobo. It came with rice and a delicious soup. The first taste that registered when I bit into a tender slice of chicken in my Kadun Picca was ginger and pepper.

It left a hot but pleasant taste in the mouth. I asked for Tabasco for added spicy flavor and dug into my meal.

My buddies ordered the fried local fish with finadene sauce from the Chamorro dishes, and fried rice with mixed vegetables from the Chinese dishes.

Hot Curry Bar & Restaurant serves a selection of appetizers starting from $4, salads for $7, pasta dishes from $8.50 to $9.50, pizza from $8.50 to $10, steaks from $12 to $32, and side dishes.

For curry lovers, this is your destination. The curry dishes starts from $6.50 to $12, and you can have your choice of the standard curry, minced curry, croquette, fish, hot pepper, chicken, omelet with mushroom, vegetables, hamburger, fried prawns, seafood, fried pork, steak and kid’s curry.

The $30 Chamorro food course menu which is good for two or more persons includes beef kelaguen, kadun pica, pajitas, mackerel or tilapia and rice.

From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can also try the BBQ Course for $40.

Order your favorite soups, noodles, fried rice and rice bowls and authentic Chinese dishes for dinner prepared by a Chinese chef.

Hot Curry Bar and Restaurant’s $6.50 lunch menu comes with free rice, soup and salad. Menu includes Yakiniku, fried chicken, teriyaki don, pork katsu don, beef curry soup, kimchi fried rice and more.

Divided into cubicles, the Hot Curry Bar & Restaurant provides a cozy ambiance and privacy where groups can freely chat and catch up with the latest events. The clear, glass doors provide an excellent view of cars and people passing by.

Tables sheltered under huge umbrellas are available if you prefer to eat lunch or dinner outside. It is one dining place where time stands still and you can spend longer time with a bottle of beer or your favorite after-dinner cocktail. Yeah, we’ll be back, and next time we will go for the curry dishes.

Hot Curry Bar and Restaurant accepts major credit cards. They are open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. for dinner. For inquiries or reservations, please call 670-233-4965. (This article was first published HERE)

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