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Yummy apigigi

APIGIGI (pronounced ah-pee-geeh-geeh) is one of the island favorites which is a constant ‘hit’ not only with the local residents but with tourists for more years than anyone can remember.

Apigigi is a Chamorro treat made from tapioca, young coconut meat, and fresh coconut milk if wrapped in a wilted banana leaf, steamed then grilled on both sides over live coals.

It’s different from the regular tapioca or cassava “suman,” and although the markets teem with so many other island delicacies, Apigigi has maintained its place on everyone’s “favorites list.”

Nothing beats the joy of biting into the tender, tasty and not so sweet pastry with long shreds of young coconut in each bite, and one Apigigi is always never enough. The delicious smell of grilled tapioca and coconuts blended with the smell of banana leaves add more to the flavor.

Apigigi, called “tupig” in the Philippines is also among the top favorites in native delicacies and a source of livelihood in many provinces.

Anybody can make Apigigi but only a few mastered it. Each family has its own protected, secret versions and variations of Apigigi recipes that are handed down from one generation to the next.

Apigigi can be eaten hot off the grill, or cold. It is available during the street market in Garapan, Tuesday market at the Garapan Fishing Base, Sabalu Market in Susupe on Saturdays, during festivals, Dela Cruz Pastry (which is known to be the home of the original Apigigi), Tun Goru Snack Bar and some stores on island.


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