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McDonald’s Brownie Melt for chocolate lovers

IF you are a chocolate lover and you haven’t tried McDonald’s newest item on its menu yet — the Brownie Melt, you are missing much.

Not exactly a dessert lover myself, I expected McDonald’s new Brownie Melt to be just another variation of other desserts and was not too excited to try it since it was introduced to Saipan a couple of weeks ago. That is, until last Thursday morning.

The Brownie Melt comes in the same attractive packaging with a transparent window as the Cinnamon Melt. It bears the label “Delicious Defined with a warm chocolate center and sweet drizzle of chocolatey icing.”

It does not follow the usual rectangular and heavier look of most brownies. It is a delicious mix of smaller chunks of soft, moist brownies stacked together, covered with melted chocolate with white icing splattered on top.

Take a bite of the Brownie Melt and let the rich and creamy chocolate fudge linger in your mouth. It is not as sweet as I have predicted but I found that true to its wrapper label, the Brownie Melt is McDonald’s best synonym for “yummy.”

It is one dessert at McDonald’s that you won’t regret ordering, and only for $2. Brownie Melt is available at McDonald’s Saipan’s Middle Road branch. For inquiries, call 235-8577.

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  1. Yo aun necesito aprender mas sobre todo esto para poder elegir la opcion mas sensata para mi. Ahora busco informacion sobre lo que llaman de la “dieta dominguera”.

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