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SUBWAY: Where your choices matter

IT is Saipan’s alternative to the typical fast food and restaurants where you order items from the menu and that’s it.

It is an establishment where customers have lots of options in what goes into their sandwiches, from step one until you reach the cashier to pay before you can start eating.

At SUBWAY restaurants, your choice matters. Before you order, a full list of nutrition information is displayed so you will know the nutritional values are of each food that you will eat.

Foot-long or six-inches? Salad or flatbread? These are the first choices you have to make.

When you have decided, pick from six bread variations ranging from parmesan oregano, 9-grain wheat, 9-grain honey oat, Italian bread, Italian herbs & cheese, or flatbread.

Next, choose from the delightful and healthy fresh subs- veggie delite, ham, turkey breast, turkey & ham, roast beef, oven roasted chicken, subway club, teriyaki chicken, cold cut trio tuna, or seafood.

If you are raring to go for hot and fresh toasted subs, pick your favorite between meat ball, Italian BMT, chicken bacon ranch, subway melt, Philly cheesesteak, and The Feast.

Toasted or fresh? American cheese or Monterey Cheddar? Again, it’s your choice.

Your sandwich moves into the topping section where you have to decide what to have. Choose what you want from the freshest lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions and for more variety pickles, olives, Jalapeños and banana peppers.

For sauce, choose from mustard, honey mustard, sweet onion, red wine vinegar, light mayonnaise, Chipotle Southwest,  Ranch sauce, mayonnaise or oil to blend in all the flavors before your sandwich is finally finished.

You are eager to unwrap your sandwich but then again, another decision has to be made. Would you like to have it solo or make it a meal? Add $2 and you will get a huge Coca Cola drink, and a choice between chips or two cookies fresh baked cookies — choose again from oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and white chip macadamia nut.

If it’s your first time to eat at SUBWAY and you are very hungry, you may get impatient as I did, having to go through all the choices every step of the way but soon, I learned to appreciate the freedom and options customers are given. It’s all about personal preference.

In fact, as a picky eater, I found SUBWAY an ideal place because unlike other fast food orders, I don’t have to do the messy job of shooing the onions, tomatoes or olives away from my sandwiches. At SUBWAY, simply ask the food staff not to put them if you don’t like them.

You can have “everything or nothing on top” of your sandwiches. Everything that goes into your sandwich is your choice. You create it, you enjoy it.

Saipan’s SUBWAY Gualo Rai branch opened in 1992 but two more outlets have opened in Chalan Piao and at the Promenade in Garapan.

You can order kid’s meals, or egg sandwiches, juice and omelets for breakfast from SUBWAY starting at 7 a.m. For more information, call Subway Gualo Rai at 235-2255, Chalan Piao branch at 235-2256, or the Paseo de Marianas branch at 233-2257.

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