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Spicy dinner at Sashimi House

WEDGED between shops in a hotel building in Chalan Piao is a sashimi house whose bright signs drew our attention while we were scouting for a place to eat on Friday evening.

Spicy Chicken
Spicy Chicken

I grabbed a menu on the way to a table and stared at it blankly. Aside from the price and a few words translated in English, it was in Korean and I couldn’t read it. The friendly waitress tried her best to explain what was on the menu, but we only got to understand each other when she showed us pictures of the food.
The orders of my out-to-eat buddies arrived first — bibimbap and a huge bowl of hot soba.
When I ordered the $9 spicy chicken from the menu, I was expecting a serving of the regular spicy chicken similar to what I have tried from other restaurants on island. I was in for a hot surprise.
My order came a few minutes later — a platter filled with a delightful mix of small chicken slices, cabbage strips and bits of red and green pepper. It was bathed in a reddish sauce, which I learned later was hot pepper from Tinian.


When dining at this place, called I.M.F. Restaurant in Chalan Piao, do not doubt their word regarding their spicy dishes because they really are THAT spicy. It was the first time I ate something that had me fanning my mouth. It felt as though my lips were swollen, my teeth and gums were throbbing, my tongue and throat burned and I expected fire to come out of my mouth.
My buddies tried my spicy chicken and very soon, they too, were whistling. It sure was hot but still, we could not help but consume everything and we used all the tissue paper on the table to wipe our tears.
If you cannot

Hot soba

tolerate spicy foods, this restaurant is not for you because you will cry, but if you love spicy food, bring an extra hankie. The I.M.F. Restaurant offers a spacious and comfortable ambiance, its dim lights and colorful dividers providing privacy if you need it. The place is great for a leisurely lunch or dinner or even a very early breakfast.
You can try the restaurant’s house noodles for $6, Korean chop steak beef or pork for $9, or different soups starting from $6. The wide selection of choices include fish and seafood dishes, beef and pork, chicken, dumplings, and more.

IMF Restaurant Fresh Sashimi House in Chalan Piao, Saipan.

I.M.F. Restaurant, located at the Silver Hotel building, is open from 10 a.m. until 5 a.m. For more information, call 234-8787.

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