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Vietnamese fare in Saipan

Ca Chien Chanh (Vietnam fried fish with lime juice and chili paste)

Exactly 12 minutes after I placed my order, a pleasant Vietnamese food staff placed a platter of crisply fried fish topped with chopped peanuts, garlic and onions before me on Friday evening.

I ordered item #53 on the menu of Saipan Vietnamese Restaurant when we decided to check out the place where the former Saigon Restaurant used to be in Garapan.
The Ca Chien Chanh which was actually Viet fried fish with lime juice and chili paste was crunchy and simply delicious. The flavors of lime juice penetrated into the fish, making every bite yummy albeit I had to ask for soy sauce and more pepper to satisfy my taste.
My companions ordered Cha Ram or fried shrimp rolls which could also be ordered fresh, Com Tam Suon Nuong, which is grilled rib pork on rice served with fresh greens and sauce, and Com Ga Muc Sa Ot, which is chicken with hot pepper and lemon grass on rice, but the three of them dug into my Ca Chien Chanh, which we instantly voted as our favorite.

Saipan Vietnamese Restaurant’s prices are affordable. Appetizers start at $4.99 and up and include Vietnamese spring rolls, charcoal grilled beef sticks in sesame, BBQ chicken sticks with mints, cucumber and green leaves and more.
Pho, or rice noodle soup comes in several choices. You can have it with a combination of beef, chicken or fish balls, shredded chicken, seafood, fresh shrimp or grilled pork. If you want something on the crunchy side, then go for fried noodles with your choice of toppings such as seafood, beef, assorted vegetables, shrimp, or shredded pork. Cold noodles are also available in the menu with a long list of choices for a hungry diner.
Saipan Vietnamese Restaurant’s main dishes are focused on a wide selection of shrimp, fish, squid, seafood as well as beef and chicken dishes cooked Vietnamese style.
Com Chien, or fried rice sets in generous servings are available from $6.50 and up.
The restaurant’s limited space but convenient location offers an ideal place to drop by for a leisurely lunch, dinner and late evening meals. They are open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. For inquiries, call 233-5858 or visit the restaurant across from Hyatt Regency Saipan.

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