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Japanese dinner buffet launched at the Palms

AUTHENTIC Japanese cuisine once again hogs the spotlight on Monday nights as Palms Resort Saipan launches the newest addition to the hotel’s Theme Nights.

The introduction of the Japanese Buffet dinner at the Minami Restaurant captured the palates of locals and tourists on Monday who were excited to satiate their cravings for Japanese food.
Here is another reason to be at the Palms Resort Saipan on Mondays– to feast on an eat-all-you-can buffet of sushi, sukiyaki, sashimi, ramen, udon, tempura, grilled fish and seafood, doriyaki, sumptuous desserts, bottomless glasses of tea or cups coffee and more.
The spotlight is focused on the live cooking station, where diners can get their fill of grilled fresh fish, a variety of seafood and vegetables.
The shabu-shabu and the tempura section is another highlight of the Japanese buffet dinner where you can try a delicious bowl of sukiyaki topped with thin slices of steamed Certified Angus Beef.
Palms Resort Food and Beverage manager Christina Lustre said that the Japanese Buffet dinner is just one of the resort’s ways to diversify and cater to the varying palates of their diners.
The wide variety of food selections, the mouth-watering aromas arising from the live cooking stations, the fantastic water views gardens seen through the glass windows and the idyllic setting all adds up to add to a fantastic dinner that will entice you to experience again and again.
“We are inviting everyone particularly our local community to come and try our special Japanese dinner buffet on Mondays,” Lustre said.
Dinner is $38 for adults and $19 for children, with a 20 percent discount for local residents.
Palms Resort’s Theme Nights include the Mediterranean Dinner buffet at the Minami Restaurant on Tuesdays, Fusion Mexican dinner buffet at the PauPau Bar & Terrace on Wednesdays, Indian Dinner buffet on Thursdays, Seafood Night on Fridays, and Chinese Night every Saturday at the PauPau Bar & Terrace.
For reservations, call 670-322-3311.

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