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Flavors of the Mediterranean now at the Palms

cobb salad

HOW would you like to have genuine Middle East-flavored Fita bread stuffed with beef, chicken or lamb Shawarma and topped with your favorite spices for dinner?

Or indulge in a dinner of succulent slices of grilled Remington beef or lamb Kofta, a cup of steamed Persian Rice, soft and creamy Italian pasta, Russian salad or the intricate and bold flavors North African foods, and have Mediterranean Flavors. Photos by Raquel C. BagnolFrench and Italian desserts after dinner?
The dust has not even started to settle with the launching of the Japanese dinner buffet at the Palms Resort Saipan’s Minami Restaurant but here they are again, introducing another new Theme Night which is hoped to attract an even bigger crowd.
The Mediterranean Dinner buffet on Tuesday nights at the Minami Restaurant brings a wide variety of irresistible dishes that would make your head spin in deciding what to eat but take a little of everything to complete your Mediterranean dinner experience.
Start off from the appetizers section. Pick a small fita or toasted bread and stuff or top it with Greek olives, marinated pepper, eggplant salad, spicy tomato, hummus, and goat cheese.
Move on to the salad and seafood section and indulge in oysters, shrimps, mussels, and the Cobb salad, a huge platter of fresh vegetables and spices with sauces.


Don’t miss out on the Ribny Salat, a Russian recipe which is tomato stuffed with cream, fish filling and herbs, or the North African couscous salad, Italian Insalata Mista which is grilled beef with festo and balsamic, or the Ravioli Verde and Parmengina De Malamzani from Italy.
Don’t miss other sumptuous dishes like the Ossobuco Ala Gremolata from Italy, which is beef with lemon orange zest and parsley, the Roast duck Al Orange, the French Coq Ou Vin which is chicken in red wine with croutons and mushrooms, or the Minestrom soup of mixed vegetables with noodles and Italian Focca bread.
The Huachingo Relleno and the Cream cheese smoked salmon with spinach were instant hits with the diners on Tuesday, with everybody wanting to go for seconds.
Lose yourself in The Mediterranean dessert station, a section you could not say no to.

Mediterranean buffet dessert station

The Shawarma Station is the highlight of the Mediterranean dinner buffet, according to Palms Resort Food and Beverage manager Kristina Lustre.
“Our menus may have new items and diversions but the Shawarma Station will always be here,” Lustre said.
Palms Resort Saipan general manager Mustafa Issa that the Mediterranean dinner buffet is designed to give the diners a fusion of dishes from the whole region at one setting.
“Every week, there will be new dishes in the menu, new surprises to keep our customers coming back for more,” Issa said.
He said the Mediterranean flavors are as diversified and varied as the different countries in the region, but the flavors are robust and clear, with onions, garlic, and tomatoes, fresh herbs, eggplants and fresh vegetables in abundance in the recipes.
From 6 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights, join the other diners in tasting some recipes from  France, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Italy, and the other countries in the Mediterranean region.

The Mediterranean Dinner buffet is $38 for adults and $19 for children, with a 20 percent discount for local residents.  For reservations, call 670-322-3311.

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