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Chicken Kelaguen platter, tortillas now at KFC Saipan

KFC chicken kelaguen platter

ITS finally here — Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest offering which is seen to set tongues wagging – literally. Starting Dec. 18, the KFC outlet in Chalan Kanoa opens its doors to serve the newest items, the KFC chicken kelaguen served in two mouth-watering variations.

The KFC Chicken Kelaguen platter is served with several pieces of bite-size slices of flat bread. The other variation is chicken kelaguen stuffed in three tortillas and served with a medium-sized drink.

KFC chicken kelaguen tortillas

KFC/Taco Bell manager Yole Panganiban said that the Chicken Kelaguen platter and tortillas had been available in the Guam outlets for some time.

“We are inviting everybody to try our special chicken kelaguen. What’s special about this is we incorporated local ingredients like the Tinian hot pepper and lime,” Panganiban said.

The triangular flat slices of bread is the perfect pair for the chicken kelaguen which is finely diced and “seriously spicy”, but not that spicy it leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth that makes you crave for more.

The chicken kelaguen is one of the island’s favorite dishes, where chicken is diced and grilled till cooked but still juicy and combined with other ingredients including coconut, but Panganiban said the KFC chicken kelaguen does not contain coconut.

KFC@ a.m.

KFC breakfasts are still available from 8 to 11 a.m. daily. Choose from four variations — two pieces crispy chicken strips, four pieces chicken nuggets, three pieces hot wings or with one piece chicken. All breakfast orders come with a serving of island fried rice and one free drink, only for $6.49.

Also in the KFC menu is the new Volcano Nachos, Fully Loaded nachos and 1/2  pounders Nacho Crunch. Enjoy the variations of nacho crunch burrito, new cheesy potato burrito and combo burrito.

“We will continue to come up with more and more items in our menu to satisfy our customers,” Panganiban said.

KFC, located at the Town House, Chalan Kanoa is open from 8 a.m. to 10 pm everyday. For inquiries, please call (670) 234-6523.

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