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Tasty Japanese cuisine at Kinpachi

Kinpachi’s sushi set

Tasty and healthy –two apt descriptions that Kinpachi Restaurant maintains for the food they had been serving to more than half a million customers for almost three decades.

Despite being squeezed amid rows of restaurants, bars and food outlets in the heart of Garapan, Kinpachi Restaurant does not lack for customers with their Japanese cuisine specialties that had been gaining popularity through the years.

With over a hundred items on its menu customized to suit the varying tastes of individuals, Kinpachi has one focus — that is to serve tasty, satisfying and healthy Japanese dishes to their customers.

The menu contains regular Japanese favorites, Japanese drinks and beverages, and Health Alert food items. Even vegetarians are not left out because the restaurant meets their needs.

Famous favorites at Kinpachi among tourists and locals alike includes the Sushi set, a mouth-watering array of assorted shrimp, octopus, tuna or yellow fin on sushi rice and tekkamaki. This is served with vinegar     and marinated vegetables, miso soup and pickles, all for $19.

The Broiled Japanese Fish, ($11) allows you to savor your choice of grilled sanma, saba or salmon fish served with rice, vinegar marinated vegetables, pickles and miso soup.

Kinpachi’s signature tempura set is a must-try item that comes with crisp and crunchy prawn, shrimp, fish and vegetables, with your choice of sashimi or broiled fish, priced at $23. This is one menu that you can’t keep your hands off as soon as it’s set on your table.

katsu curry

Bite into crunchy slices of boned deep-fried chicken. The set comes with rice, miso soup and pickles for $7.50.

The Katsu curry, or rice on curry sauce toppings with breaded pork comes with a serving of salad. This has become a favorite among locals and can be had for $8.50.

A huge bowl of Miso Ramen with pork and bean sprout is another favorite, a generous serving at $9 to warm your stomach on a cold day or night.

Miso Ramen

“Customers come and go, but we give them a reason to come back not only for our tasty dishes but for excellent customer service, too,” Kinpachi Restaurant and Paseo De Marianas Promoters general manager Misako Kamata said.

Kinpachi  tempura set

fried chicken slices

Check out Kinpachi’s menu and get your fill of Japanese cuisine. You’ll be craving for more. Kinpachi Restaurant is located across from the Hyatt Regency Saipan and Fiesta Resort & Spa. They are open from 7 a.m. until 2 a.m. For reservations/inquiries please call 670-234-6900.

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