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A taste of Vietnam in Saipan

Strategically located between Grand Hotel and World Resort in Susupe is a restaurant whose flavors transport a diner from Saipan to Vietnam.

I’d been eyeing Truong’s Vietnamese Restaurant for a long time but the chance came only last Friday noon when we were scouring Susupe for a place to eat lunch.
Traditional Vietnamese hats used as lampshades over the tables and paintings depicting Vietnamese villages and culture adorn the walls, adding to the charm of the place. The huge glass windows allow you to get a view of the cars and people passing by.
Opening the menu, the fresh egg noodles and fried spring rolls immediately captured the taste buds of my companions. The food requires some preparation as you have to wrap the egg noodles, spring rolls, mint and some bean sprouts into a lettuce leaf, roll it and dip in a hot sauce before finally tasting it, but half the fun is usually in getting there. I tried a bite and savored the mint-flavored rolls, allowing the spicy sauce tingle my mouth before finally deciding to go easy on the sauce.
I ordered fried chicken (Ga Chein). At $8.95, my order came in a huge platter with deep fried chicken thighs served with rice and salad, and Fenadini sauce. For someone whose tolerance to spicy flavor is below average, the sauce comes in a tolerable level but yet it still bites your tongue.
Truong’s special combination fried rice is a must-try. It is a delicious mix of Vietnamese rice, pork, chicken, shrimp, and mixed vegetables blended together with Truong’s special spices. At $8.95, the serving is generous, enough for two or three people, but it depends on how hungry you are.
Truong’s selection of soups include combination noodle soup (Hu Tieu Thap Cam), shrimp noodle soup (Hu Tieu Tom), beef noodle soup (Pho Bo), beef noodle soup with meatballs (Pho Bo Vien), and wonton soup(Hoanh Thanh), all at $8.95. Add a dollar more to go for hot and spicy beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue).

Shrimp dishes occupy a generous portion of the restaurant’s menu and an order costs only $9.95 per serving. You can have your shrimp stir fried with mushrooms, or have it deep fried. You can order salted pepper shrimp, sweet and sour, stir fried with broccoli, combination stir fried, or shrimp curry.
Other popular dishes in the menu are deep fried fish tilapia, (Ca Chien) and sweet and sour fish (Ca Chien Chua Ngot), at $9.95, pork menus including pork chops, fried spareribs and sweet & sour pork.
Vegetarians can opt for the stir fried vegetables with tofu and curry stir fried vegetables with tofu. Mouth-watering chicken recipes at Troungs you must also try are chicken lemongrass, chicken mushroom, chicken broccoli, chicken curry, sweet & sour chicken, and combination stir fried chicken.
Truong’s proudly serves tender and juicy Certified Angus Beef for their beef recipes. From $9.95 to $18.95, you can have your fill of sirloin steak, New York Steak, beef broccoli (No Xao Bong Cal), beef salad (Bo Sa Lach), stir fried beef with mushroom (Bo Xao Nam), beef curry (Bo Xao Cari), and stir fried beef with combo vegetables (Bo Xao Thap Cam).
The secret of Troung’s Vietnamese Restaurant’s famous flavors are in its tasty sauces that comes with your orders. The sauces leave an aftertaste that will have you coming back for more.
For dessert, Truong’s offer Dreyer’s ice cream in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavors at $2.95 per scoop, and Tapioca or cream-covered fried banana with Dreyer’s ice cream.
Cap your lunch or dinner with a bottomless order of Vietnamese Iced Tea with milk, and you’re hooked. Also available in the menu are beer, Japanese tea, house wines, premium wines, soda and various juice drinks.
Truong’s Vietnamese Restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday and can accommodate up to 70 persons. For reservations or more information, call tel. nos. (670) 235-8050 to 51.

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