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Thrill from the grill

Anyone hankering for barbecued or grilled beef ribs, chicken, pork or seafood without going through Photo by Raquel C. Bagnolall the work involved should visit Family BBQ Buffet.

Located above a hardware and auto shop and adjacent to a hair saloon, you would think the Family BBQ Buffet is one unlikely place to eat, but check it out and you’ll find out that barbeque is not always eaten best outdoors.
I dropped by with my buddies to check what the place offers late on Friday afternoon. We were not that hungry after a full lunch but we had the luxury of time on our hands.
A wide selection of buffet dinner awaits a hungry diner – all for $12 per person. It’s an eat-all-you-can from the bibimbap station, a salad bar, main courses, desserts, soups and two freezers with meats ready for grilling. We proceeded to one of the long tables adorned with a round barbeque grill in the center.
Working up an appetite is not hard at the Family BBQ Buffet as the irresistible smoky scent of barbecuing meat drifts right up to your nose. The anticipation of biting into the juicy barbeque without getting up to go to the grill made us forget we were not that hungry.
While waiting for your barbecue to be done, you could start dinner with appetizers or soups, salads and work your way to the main dishes.
The sizzling sound of juices falling from the meat onto the coals, the effort you exert and the waiting until your food is done does wonders to work up your appetite.
For more flavor, I smothered both sides of my spare ribs, fish slices and chicken gizzard with butter, flipping it over every few minutes to allow the flavor to permeate into the deep parts, added a last-minute glaze until the meat was cooked to perfection.
Dining at the Family BBQ Buffet makes it all unique for you. No waiters will hover to serve you but you have to get what you want, grill or barbeque it yourself right on the table before you can eat. It’s one place where you will be tempted to eat with your hands and lick off your fingers afterward in satisfaction.
But it’s one restaurant where time seems to stand still. You can linger while you savor the food you prepare down to the last morsel.
Located beside H-Mart in the Middle Road, Family BBQ Buffet is huge and can accommodate over a hundred people but they are only open from 5:30 to 10 p.m. everyday for dinner.
The next time you crave for barbeque, this is the place to go for a thrill on the grill. It’s one place where you will find barbecuing a most enjoyable form of cooking and where your styles and personal tastes rule. For reservations or inquiries, call the Family BBQ Buffet at 670-234-1249, or emailbeachgarden@hanmail.net.

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