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McDonald’s coffee on ice

IF you’ve always sipped piping hot coffee from your favorite mug or from your favorite hangout, here’s something to beat the warm days.

Imagine swirling a tall, cool glass of your favorite coffee filled with ice cubes on a warm day. Even before you take your first sip, the pleasant aroma assails your nostrils, making your mouth water for the much-anticipated first sip.
Although not a coffee-addict, I’ve tried all flavors at McDonald’s Saipan’s Chalan Laulau Middle Road outlet—caramel, hazelnut, vanilla and sugar-free vanilla.
For non-coffee drinkers, or somebody who makes two servings out of a three-in-one sachet like me, you might experience a “high” feeling before drinking half the contents of a medium-sized glass. I tried emptying the contents of a medium iced coffee within a few minutes and I felt wobbly and groggy for the rest of the afternoon.
I usually take my iced coffee home and sip it slowly there. I have already developed a craving for iced coffee, as evidenced by the tall stack of medium and large McCafe glasses in my closet.
A medium-sized glass of iced coffee at McDonald’s Saipan costs $2.75. Add $.75 cents more and go for large (and I say LARGE). Enough to cool you down on a warm day, and keep you alive and kicking until your next coffee.

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