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Dining on steak and seafood

fish steak for lunch

THE search for the ultimate yet affordable steak and seafood on Saipan ends at Coco Restaurant, located right in the heart of Garapan.
The Coco Restaurant prides itself on being the only one on island which has a grill right inside the restaurant, and you can’t help but give in to the mouth-watering anticipation seeing the steak, fish or seafood you ordered being charcoal-grilled, juices dripping and cooked to perfection to however you want it ­— either medium rare, done, or well done.

From the outside, Coco Restaurant evokes a homey ambiance that promises a place to dine and melt away your stress at the same time.

medium rare steak

Lunch or dinner starts with a trip to the salad bar which boasts of a wide selection of fresh vegetables, sauces and dressings. At the salad bar, the “eat-all-you-can” rule holds.

As soon as your steak or seafood order is served, you can start digging into it and glory in each bite. The steak is heavenly, and so is the Mahi-Mahi grilled fish.

waiting for their turn at the grill

The last juicy bite of your steak or seafood is not the end of your meal. Cap your lunch or dinner with a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Regular items on the lunch menu include New York steak, tenderloin steak, hamburger steak, local fish, seafood and teppanyaki, steak and lobster, and eat-all-you-can assortment from the salad bar, all ranging from $10 to $15.dessert–a scoop of ube ice cream

Coco Restaurant celebrates its anniversary and will treat its clients to huge discounts.  Steak and Seafood Coco Restaurant vice president Takayuki Hirosawa said that starting today (Oct.5) until Dec. 15, which is the restaurant’s 12th anniversary, Coco Restaurant offers a 50 percent discount, or $20 off on its New York Steak and mixed seafood Teppanyaki for dinner special. The orders include salad bar (unlimited), soup, and refillable rice or bread.

The 15-oz. steak is more than enough to fill a hungry stomach, and with sea foods shipped in from Japan, you will get your money’s worth, and more.

The Coco Restaurant can accommodate 100 persons and has three VIP rooms which seats 30, 12 and six people. For reservations or more information, please call 670-233-2626, 234-3777, email info@cocosaipan.com or visit www.cocosaipan.com.

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Visiting this restaurant on a hungry stomach is enough to make you crazy, what with the charcoal grill resembling a firestone permeating delicious smells as the juices of the steak and seafood dribbles and sizzles onto the charcoal. I ordered the fish steak lunch special- grilled mahi-mahi with baked potato and rice. My companions Jeanette, Arnold and Andrew all went for the steak. I got a taste of Andrew’s well-done steak just the same by bartering a slice of my mahi-mahi. Very satisfying lunch indeed, if only we had all the time in the world to linger over coffee but then it was 2 p.m. and lunchtime was finished. oh maybe, next time!

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