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Slices of ostrich meat at Six-Blings

Among the long line of attractive billboards boasting mouth-watering menus nailed along the side of the road leading to this restaurant in the tuna capital of the Philippines, one prominently stands out and produces instant reaction, particularly because it pricks the male ego. It is a dish called “Dili Ka Guapo” and this is one of the come-on’s of the newly-opened Six Blings bar and restaurant.

Onboard a Ford Focus, Ford Philippine’s latest model, we drove through until we saw the sign board Six Blings bar and restaurant at the end of the driveway.
Dili ka Guapo, I learned later, is a bestselling appetizer, a delicious mix of crispy fried dilis, sliced guavas, and pomelo (dilis kag guava kag pomelo) blended with vinegar and I guessed a pinch of sugar. I’ve eaten all three ingredients of course but one at a time, and it was my first time to taste it mixed all together.

Six Bling’s specialty is the rare ostrich meat. Albeit a little bit apprehensive, my mouth watered at the sight and tantalizing smell of the ostrich steak served in a very huge platter. To the un-experienced eye, ostrich meat looked like something between chicken and lean beef, but it was delicious.
The restaurant’s homey ambiance is a come-on by itself. Customers could either dine in the open air restaurant for a less formal meal or at the air-conditioned area for a more private tete-a-tete.

Six Blings owner Mrs. Salome “Mimi” Haw said that they opened the restaurant a couple of years ago and theirs is the only restaurant which serves ostrich meat. Ostrich meat is priced at P599 per kilo. Mr. & Mrs. Haw has six siblings, opened two years ago and is the only restaurant serving ostrich meat which is priced at P599 per kilo.

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