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A kitchen away from your kitchen

Tori hide “En”
Published in Marianas Variety June 14, 2008

Cooking a mouth-watering dinner even if you are away from your own kitchen is not impossible- thanks to the ingenuity of Hideo Miyazawa who came up with the concept of a family kitchen away from your home.

Tori Hide “En”, a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine is tucked on the ground floor of Holiday Saipan Resort in Garapan. Its comfortable and homey ambiance adds to its charm.

Miyazawa said the “En” in the name of the restaurant means a circle which represents a continuous loop of friendship and relationship between the restaurant and its customers. All over the restaurant are round decorations to better represent it.

Tori Hide’s newest addition to its dishes is the Yosi Nabe, a chicken, seafood and vegetable dish which you can cook in a special Yosi sauce right on your table. Experience a different kind of dinner as you perform the preparation and cooking of your vegetables by yourself.

Yosi Nabe is a mix of Chinese cabbage, green mussels, chicken and fish slices, shrimp, and vegetables. A hotpot containing Yosi sauce is provided and you can cook the vegetables and the other ingredients on the pot. Cooking could be as long as five minutes, or depending on how cooked you want your dinner to be.

As soon as the vegetables are cooked, you can top the mixture with rice and beaten egg. Simmer it for a few minutes before it is ready to eat. Miyazawa said that all the ingredients for the dish are local. Yosi Nabe is available for dinner Monday to Sunday from 5:00 to 10 p.m. Servings are available for one or more individuals.

Tori Hide also serves a special Sunday meal for kids. The Kiddie Meal is a tantalizing lunch meal composed of miso soup, omerice, (rice wrapped in an omelette), fried chicken, sausage on a stick, fruit, orange juice, and dessert.

Tori Hide “En” can accommodate 35 people in one setting. They are open for lunch at 11 am to 2 p.m. and dinner from 5:00 to 10:30 daily. A Zashiki room is also available where customers can dine in a traditional Japanese setting.

“Come and try our dishes, everything is affordable and experience the ambiance of a kitchen away from your own kitchen,” Miyazawa said.

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