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A Taste of Mama’s cooking

Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal, and with this, almost everybody agrees. In Palau, the best place to go to if you wish for a home-cooked meal in a restaurant with a really homey feel is CARP restaurant in Malakal.
It may not look that inviting outside with its heavy sliding door but when you step inside, a feeling of being-at-home will engulf you.
The dimly-lit dining area provides an easy atmosphere for relaxed conversation. Paintings depicting Palau adorned the white and light yellow cement walls. We chose a table near the door to be able to have a view of everything that goes on while waiting for the ‘specialty’ that would lure my palates.
A taste of motherly cooking and homestyle accommodations is what CARP restaurant owner Hiroko Kishigawa wanted to convey to the customers.
“I want to let the customers feel at home and have a meal cooked just like mama’s cooking,” Kishigawa, whom we managed to steal for a few seconds from the kitchen said. Clad in an apron and headband, she does the cooking personally and only gets help when she needs it. She also interacts with customers and this adds to the homey feel of the place.
Hilda served us crunchy chicken thighs fried to perfection, with sliced eggplants and string beans, a plate of succulent beef short ribs with fresh vegetable salad, and something I’ve never tried before- fried noodles with bits of eggplants and sprinkled with onions on top. Fresh fruit (melon and bananas) served as our dessert, capped off with a tall cold glass of ice tea. A very filling and satisfying meal, indeed.

CARP also serves very appetizing seafoods- giant crabs and lobster cooked to perfection, sashimi and other orders that would make your mouth water.
Contrary to my earlier thinking, CARP Restaurant is not occupied mainly by Japanese customers but it has a mix of Westerners, and locals, too and the prices are within very affordable range. CARP restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch, and from 4 to 10 p.m. for dinner. Come for a real home-like meal. Please call 488-3341 for orders or reservations.

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