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Indulging in fried ice cream

Crispy fried ice cream.
“What? Fried ice cream? Are you okay?” If your re action is similar to this, then you’ve got to think again. The first time you hear the phrase, an expression of confusion and unbelief will register on your face but get on your feet and make a small trip to the Mingles ToToTo to taste real crispy f ried ice cream to answer your confusion.

When I saw the name on the menu, my imagination immediately started working, coming up with a vision of a shallow frying pan and dropping scoops of frozen ice cream into the sizzling cooking oil. My imagination stops there because I can now figure out a sticky dark brown, pinkish or yellow undistinguishable liquid (depending on the fla vor) as a result.
When the dish of fried ice cream was laid on the table, my questions were answered. Crispy fried ice cream is actually a delicious concoction of French bread with ice cream filling. It is frozen and dipped in egg and bread crumbs before it is fried, g iving the mixture a wonderfully lip-smacking taste.
As ToToTo Mingles owner Quincy Kuniyoshi was out, manager Lloyd Serrano accommodated us. He said the crispy fried ice cream is available in three flavors- vanilla, strawberry and chocolate embedded with whirls of marshmallows and garnished with brown nuts. A red cherry sits on top of the concoction to complete the temptation.
For sweet lovers, defying your self-set rules of dieting and sinking your teeth into Mingles’ fried ice cream is a double challenge. You just have to taste it. Mingles crispy fried ice cream is only $5. For an unforgettable taste, please drop by Mingles across WCTC shopping or call 488-4496. They are open from 4 p.m. to 12 midnight seven days a week.
For once, forget about calories and indulge yourself in a dish of mouth-meltingly-delicious crispy fried ice cream. You can always start your diet tomorrow.

Published in Island Times, February 1, 2007 issue

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