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Nothing beats Southern Fried Chicken!

Some sort of miscommunication disrupted my earlier schedule, making me left stranded without an article for my Island Flavor section at the 11th hour. I made a frantic call to NECO Plaza Corporation general manager Peter Gaymann and he saved me. He was very accommodating.

Neco’s bestseller is the Student Lunch Special composed of two pieces fried chicken (drumstick and thigh) with a choice of bread, rice or mashed potato costs only $2. Add $.95 and a side dish of coleslaw will be added to the set. If you can’t be satisfied with two pieces chicken or you’re planning to share with friends, a $4.95 value will make it a three-piece chicken combo.

You say a chicken is a chicken is a chicken? Think again. Southern Fried Chicken serves their chicken deliciously fresh and tender in a way only they can do with a distinct taste that many food outlets tried to imitate but to no success. The taste is a trade secret which lures customers to come again and again.

Scoops of mouth-watering Dreyers ice cream or chocolate, vanilla or strawberry milk shake  for dessert completes your SFC meal. SFC also serves combo meals like chicken fillet sandwiches, supreme double cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets or chicken strips, jumbo or chili hotdogs from $2.75 to $3. All these orders are paired with French fries. Gaymann said they are using pure and certified Angus beef for their burgers.

Within a few minutes (and I say literally FEW minutes), the whole student meal combo was set on the table, ready for me to photograph (and taste, too). Yummy!

Nothing beats the SFC taste, and what’s more, you won’t grow feathers while waiting for your orders. Yeah, they’re really fast, even if you’ve got deadline breathing down your neck. SFC fastfood is open from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. For orders and reservations, please call 488-7436.

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