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A feast of Seafoods at PPR

The delicately-arranged dishes were spread out on a kayak at the Coconut Terrace of the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR), tempting the taste buds of guests beyond endurance as they waited for their turns.

It was a feast of delectable seafoods, a mix of local and imported products that Senior Sous Chef Alex Suzuki and his army of kitchen staff came up with to serve the guests for the New Year’s gala dinner.

Best sellers for the night turned out to be the stuffed land crab(ukaib), a delicious concoction topped with coconut cream, mud clams (ngduul) which Suzuki said is usually eaten raw byy the locals and dipped in different sauces, shrimp tempura made of juicy shrimps from Thailand, and steamed lobster imported from New Zealand, boiled with vegetables and lemon to extract an excellent flavor.

It did not take long for the contents of the dishes in the heavily-laden kayak to disappear as more guests opted for the seafoods during the party, coming back for more as if lured by the island specials. (Sad to say I didn’t have time to sit down and eat properly but just looking at the mouth-watering spreads satisfied me.)

Suzuki said the mud clams came from Ngarchelong and Airai while the land crabs were from Peleliu and Angaur.

An order of these New Zealand lobsters is $32, and its up to the customer as to how he or she wants the lobster cooked. Stuffed land crab is also available anyday.

Suzuiki said the hotel changes its menu often to suit the palates and tastes of diversified customers but they are set to make their dishes more local for this year.

He added the Coco Terrace serve different cuisines every night: Sundays-Japanese night; Mondays-Italian night; Tuesday-Mongolian night; Wednesday- Seafood night; Thursday-Palauan night; Friday-Asian night and Saturday- Prime Rib night. A customer can have his fill of these varying feasts at $29 per person plus a 10 service charge. For inquiries/reservations, feel free to call PPR at 488-2600.

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