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Sumptuous buffet at Pinoy restaurant

If there’s one place to go where your $5 stretches a long, long way and completely satisfies your gustatory challenges, it’s at Pinoy Restaurant located just across the Asahi softball field. It’s your typical restaurant, populated mostly by Palauans on weekdays and mostly Filipinos on weekends. It’s an “Eat all you can” treat, with nine or 10 viands to choose from, all the rice you can take plus dessert, usually buco salad and a glassful of a delicious concoction of buco pandan drink topped with swirling ice cubes. Get in touch with friends and fall in line to fill your plates with a delectable selection of hot dishes ranging from the ever-favorite fried chicken, kare-kare, kaldereta, bopis, the Ilocano hit papaitan, chopseuy, sisig, menudo, langka ginataan (unripe jackfruit with coconut milk) and other selections. I only choose three from the selection of viands, wishing for the umpteenth time I am a hearty eater. The food tasted good (makes you miss home). Pinoy restaurant is one place where food, ambiance and conversation is pleasant. Restaurant manager Neneng said they also offer pork or chicken barbeque on regular days. Filipino favorites that is a hit among the Palauans are the dinuguan and the sinigang. The restaurant’s two chefs are kept busy especially on Sundays when customers never seem to run out. Pinoy Restaurant also serves individual orders of viand at very affordable prices, from $2.50 and up. Pinoy Restaurant is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For orders or reservations, please call 488-8651. Five bucks for an eat-all-you-can treat with 10 viands plus dessert and drink is a winning bargain.

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