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Cooling off with a bowlful of halo-halo

Like any normal being, my resistance always melts at the sight (or even thought) of a bowlful of sinfully delicious halo-halo especially on a day when you have to fight oppressive heat.

Halo-halo is a cold mixed dessert, a sweet concoction of seasonal fruits with milk, differently-colored ata de coco (coconut gelatin) sugar, mung beans, shaved ice, what-have-you’s and yes, scoops of ice cream.

In Palau, the best place to go for a bowl of halo-halo is Red Rooster café at the Western Plaza hotel in T-Dock.

“Don’t eat anything before we leave. They serve a really huge bowl and $2.50 goes a long way,” friend Lina warned. She was right, I couldn’t consume the whole serving by myself.

The friendly staff and the cool, Chrismassy atmosphere of Red Rooster café added to the pleasant ambiance.

The halo-halo came in a lip-smacking temptation (you can start your diet tomorrow) which guarantees you full satisfaction, no matter what time you eat it. We ordered ours at 9 p.m. and we were not the only ones who did it!  Staff Lorna complimented us with two cocktail drinks, the Rooster Illusion which is a whipped fusion of gin, crème de cacao and strawberry ice cream, and the Natural Blonde, a glorious mix of Baileys, Grand Marnier and mango juice. These are available for $6.50 and $6 respectively.

The restaurant serves mainly Japanese cuisine and ala carte menus.

Red Rooster café opens its doors to customers from 6 a.m. all the way to10 p.m. Please call 488-5808 for inquiries/reservations.

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