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Italian fare at Sarah’s Yum Yum

The appetizers came in a delightful variety of dishes as an advancer to the Italian Sampler Wayne Sugiyama of Sarah’s Yum Yum promised us. It came served with Hot Apps- blackened Ahi (pan-seared) which was actually fish sliced in strips and was served with wasabi beurre blanc, and a tastefully-arranged dish of deep fried calamari served with white sauce.

Straight from the grill, Wayne served us a huge serving of beef and chicken combination grilled with teriyaki sauce and set with a baked potato and vegetables, and a grilled rib eye steak. We were still heading for the main Italian dish and already, we were very full of the tasty food. Earlier on, Wayne advised me to “bring some friends” but unfortunately, I was able to drag only two companions at the last minute.

the table was set, only then did I understood Wayne’s disappointment. The food was enough for six or seven people. And now for the main treat. Sarah’s offers a variety of Italian choices which is very tempting to your palates. We were served a platter of Salsciccia (sort of a tongue twister for non-Italians) but this is a layer of tubular pasta, Italian sausage and chicken tossed in a delightful tasting brown and red sauce. With the Salsciccia was another Italian choice Fettuccini Alfredo, a serving of flat pasta tossed in a creamy cheesy white sauce.

A serving of each costs only $7. All in all, the combination did a superb job of warming the heart and satisfying the palates, and at wallet-friendly prices, too. For drinks Wayne gave us a glassful each from a bottle of Merlot- a red wine which complemented the meal. Anyway, for a taste of Italian delights, not to mention other foods they serve, come to Sarah’s Yum Yum bar and Grill at Meyuns and experience an unforgettable culinary experience.

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