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Spaghetti at Kramer’s

Palau is known for the richness of its seas. The island’s waters teemed with diversified marine life that is a feast to the eyes, hence it’s just natural when restaurants dish up very sumptuous servings of Palau’s bountiful seafood.

One such place to go to is Kramers Bar and Restaurant at the fishing dock in Malakal. You mount the flight of stairs above the Daydream Dive Shop and you’ll start to wonder if you are onboard a huge ship. The dining area is overlooking the blue sea facing the Rock Islands.

Rene Menz, the jovial restaurateur said when time permits, he goes fishing himself for the freshest catch to serve his clients. He said the restaurant caters mainly to about 75 percent locals and 25 percent tourists.

And now the feast.

Kramer’s specialty is The Fisherman’s Spear- slices of fresh local fish alternately arranged between red bell peppers, onions and topped with squid in two skewers of fresh local fish that satisfy even the large appetites.

It is served with a dish of spicy and fruity papaya salsa, mixed vegetables and a choice of rice or mashed potatoes, enough to satisfy even huge appetites, and only for $11.50.

The fish was deliciously succulent, grilled just for a few minutes to preserve its fresh taste. Although I just had a late lunch and was still full, I managed to eat every morsel of my share.

Rene added Barbeque-chicken Quesadilla, tender chicken simmered in sweet tangy barbeque sauce and stuffed inside a crisp flour tortilla with melted Monterey Jack cheese. It was served with saffron rice, refried beans, sour cream and tomato salsa (which nearly sent me running from the biting taste. Davaowenas are not that spice-fanatics but I’m slowly learning to like spicy foods).

Rene’s culinary expertise dates back to when he learned to cook as a young boy. His grandparents owned a restaurant and he saw cooking as an important element in life. He worked in various restaurants in Germany and in the United States before coming to work for Carolines Resort in 1996. He also became the chef in the Palau Aggressor (live-aboard dive boat) before opening Kramer’s in 1999.

And here’s a dare. Tuesdays at Kramer’s is spaghetti night. You get a huge dish of delicious spaghetti for only $4.50 but if you consume three platefuls all by yourself, you get it all FREE! Wanna dare? Kramers is open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and for dinner from 6:30 to 10 p.m. The bar however opens at 5 p.m. Please call Kramers at 488-8448 for reservations.

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